Malcolm Cemetery

Malcolm, Nebraska

Est. 1879



Grave Space: $750.00

Grave Space Staking Fee: $50.00

Headstone Staking Fee: $25.00

Malcolm Cemetery Association reserves the right to sell lots & spaces to private individuals only. Lots are for burial purposes only, there is not a transfer of land with a purchase.

No mausoleums or other above ground burials permitted, with the exception of interment benches.

Contact a board member for sales and prior to purchasing a headstone or interment bench for size guidelines.

Cemetery Regulations

  • Open dawn to dusk

  • No digging or planting without prior approval.
  • Pets must be leashed and their waste picked up and removed immediately.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on cemetery grounds.
  • Do not park or drive on grass.

The association encourages you to limit decorations to floral arrangements only. They must not obstruct mowing/trimming of the cemetery grounds.

  • No glass, rocks, solar lights, metal signs, figurines, fencing or similar items. Please place flowers in an attached vase/urn or secure them to the headstone or concrete base. Consider using floral garland to wrap around the headstone instead of placing flowers on the grass. Shepherds hook allowed for hanging baskets. Decorations permitted on grass for 2 weeks following Memorial Day, 1 week following Mother's & Father's Day, after that time they will be picked up. Winter floral arrangements allowed until March 1.

Malcolm Cemetery Association reserves the right to remove any item that is offensive, inappropriate or unsightly. Any decoration, including live plants & trees, deemed to be an obstruction will be removed. The Association will not be held responsible for any discarded decorations or plantings, nor be held liable for loss or damage caused by an act of nature, theft or unavoidable accident.

These regulations may be amended without notice at any time.